Woolrich Made in America Buffalo Wool Shirt Review

The first time I wore this shirt, I suddenly felt very nostalgic. I couldn’t help but to imagine countless miles hiked with my brother and dad in the Pacific Northwest when I was a kid—my dad wore a shirt just like this. This Woolrich shirt proudly proclaims it’s origin, and it should. The quality is on a totally different level. Although I’ve only been testing this shirt for a few months, it’s already apparent that the Woolrich made in America Buffalo Wool shirt is going to last a lifetime.

Woolrich got started in 1830 when their founder, John Rich, began making woolen fabric, socks, coverlets, and yarn to sell at lumber camps around the area. Today they make a wide assortment of garments, shoes and blankets. Be sure to check out Whitney’s review of the Continental Divide Trail Jacquard Blanket. Every part of the production process is done at their facility in Pennsylvania, which means that they receive raw wool and turn it into these awesome products.

This shirt is made of 85% wool and 15% nylon, which means it is more durable, naturally odor resistant and will insulate when it gets damp or wet. This shirt is a go-to on really cold days, but remains surprisingly breathable when it gets warm. Wool is inherently not as soft as cotton, so it may feel a bit itchy when you first put it on. Don’t be discouraged, that feeling is short-lived. Unlike the Trail Jacquard that Whitney tested, this shirt is machine washable. This shirt has a slim fit, so if you’re in-between sizes you should definitely size up.

You could buy any old flannel, but we like the idea of buying a USA made product. There are several benefits: you’re supporting local economy, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a tradition that was started over 185 years ago. Plus you’re buying a technical piece that will last for many years to come—just like dad’s.

Weight: 1 lb 1 oz

Price: $195

Best used for: Active Lifestyle

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