Woolrich Lane Chukka Boot Review

Think about your favorite pair of house slippers and you’ve got an idea of how comfortable the Lane Chukka by Woolrich is. Apart from comfort, we’re almost sorry we just compared the Lane to a house slipper. This ankle-length boot is a classic, and the beauty of it comes from its simplicity.

The upper is made of super soft, Charles F. Stead suede—a company that’s been around for almost as long as Woolrich. The suede has a water and stain resistant finish, giving you piece of mind if you get caught in a little unexpected snow or rain. The footbed is felted wool so your foot stays warm and dry and doesn’t get smelly, thanks to wools natural odor fighting qualities. The outsole is 100% rubber with Woolrich’s Explorer tread.

We tested these on cold winter days, wore them at our stand-up desk all day, shoved them in our suitcase, and traveled to warm and sunny Florida with them. The Lane did well in all occasions. It is worth nothing that there isn’t much of a midsole, so if you’re traveling, we wouldn’t recommend wearing them on days you plan to cover a lot of distance walking.

Sizing runs big. I’m between an 8.5 / 9 and fit perfectly into a size 8. There are no half sizes, and the regular size fits a narrow fit, however they do come in a wider width.

Woolrich has been around for 180 years. They know wool, they know craftsmanship, and they know durability—the Lane is just another example of that.

Price: $160.00

Weight: 9 oz. (one shoe)

Best used for: active lifestyle, travel


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