Woolrich Fireside II Wool Blanket Poncho

Wearing the Woolrich Fireside II Wool Blanket Poncho is like wrapping yourself in your favorite Woolrich blanket. After wearing the Woolrich blanketthat we previously tested, like a poncho, Woolrich suggested I try the Fireside II. I admit, it’s easier to show up somewhere in a good looking poncho, then wrapped in a blanket, and it’s just as warm and cozy.

The poncho is a blend of wool and nylon and is made in the USA at their woolen mill. It has a beautiful leather buckle to keep the poncho in place. My only criticism is the buckle, I wish it sat higher or had a few adjustments, which would help it sit on my shoulders a little better.

The poncho is dry clean only. Luckily, wool does not get smelly easily, so it can be worn for a while before it needs to get cleaned.

The Fireside II poncho works great in the city or around the campfire, but can also doubles as a blanket for really chilly nights car camping.

Colors: Dark gray and brown (tested)

Price: $145.00

Best used for: around town, loungewear, campfire, and as a car camping blanket

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