Woolrich Continental Divide Trail Jacquard Blanket Review

Woolrich has been around for 180 years, so they know a thing or two about wool. The Woolrich Continental Divide Trail Jacquard Blanket is proof.

Sure, this blanket is a van dwellers best friend and on chilly nights indoors you won’t find a warmer blanket to snuggle in, but it’s more versatile than just that. Wool is incredibly warm and does a great job protecting against the elements. I’ve brought this blanket on every cold camping trip I’ve taken this fall and it nearly kept me warmer than my sleeping bag. It only weighs about 1.5 pounds, so I didn’t even mind hiking a few miles with it, knowing that that extra warmth would be worth the weight. This thing is so toasty that I joked that if Woolwich made a sleeping bag liner I might even enjoy winter camping a little more.

I’d back any of Woolrich’s blankets made with similar materials, but what stands out about this particular blanket is that it’s one of four limited-edition Trail Blankets. For some reason we couldn’t find anything on Woolrich’s website about this, but 100% of proceeds from the first 50 blankets sold benefited the non-profits charged with protecting each trail. Not only is this blanket made in the USA, but it’s supporting the maintenance of local outdoor trails we all love.

The biggest downside to this blanket is that it’s dry clean only. That’s really no big deal if it’s staying on your couch all winter, but if you plan to use it for more than that, you’ll probably understand our concerns with the dry clean only label. Luckily, wool has natural antimicrobial properties so after quite a few outdoor adventures it’s still not smelly—it does have a few coffee stains.

Woolwich makes high-quality, good-looking products, but there’s more to these blankets than just their looks. The materials are durable and technical, so they can tag along on cold outdoor pursuits. And, by purchasing these blankets you’re buying an American made product that supports our favorite trail systems. We think you’ll find yourself reaching for this blanket all winter long.

Price: $185.00

Weight: 1 lb 9.3 oz

Materials: 95% fine grade wool/ 5% nylon

Best used for: van life, cold nights camping, chilly or windy days outside, home throw blanket

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