Osprey Dyna 6 Review

This past spring, Osprey launched their first women’s running pack collection, so we had to get our hands on it. Making a running pack isn’t easy. There are a ton on the market to choose from, but the Dyna 6 did not disappoint. What I loved most was how comfortable and stable this pack is—it doesn’t move around at all.

Sizing: Osprey offers suggestions in deciding which size pack (15, 1.5, or 6) is right for you. Most of us don’t have a running pack for every type of run we do (including myself) so I went with the 6. Most of my longer runs are done unaided in the mountains or desert where temperatures and weather can change in an instant, so I wanted space for layers. On my shorter runs that don’t require layers, just water and snacks, It stays put and is comfortable no matter how much or how little you have in it. With a full bladder and a layer or two, this bag does fill up, quick. It’s also worth noting that the compression buckets on the outside require you to unclip them to easily access any of your zippered pockets. The trade off is that you can really tighten the pack down when it’s empty.

Hydration: The Hydraulics LT 1.5 liter reservoir that comes with the Dyna 6 is an excellent option. The sliding closure makes it easy to fill and clean quickly, and I never had issues with leaking. I appreciated the small pour shield that makes it easy to hold onto while filling and adds a little structure to the bag, without adding too much weight. The valve is removable which allows it to be replaced, changed out for some filtration systems or a insulated tube. The cap can be turned to stop water flow when not in use and prevent accidentally spilling. When in use, it is easy to drink from. The QuickConnect magnet on the sternum strap is a great feature. I did find the hose a little long, when threaded through the top sleeve and over my shoulder. Not into reservoirs? The shoulder straps provide mesh compression pockets for soft-flask as well.

Quick comparison: When comparing this pack to others on the market, I noticed two main things: It’s a little heavier than most packs in the same range, but with that comes with a little added cushioning against your back and durable ripstop material. Additionally, it has fewer adjustments and no shoulder adjustments. This pack sits pretty high, which can make it easier to grab a layer out of the compression pocket without removing the whole bag, when running solo. I will say that I never once wished it was lighter or felt I needed to adjust the shoulder straps on the pack.

Overall: This is the perfect pack size for a trail runner who only wants one pack that will work for longer runs or pack down small for shorter runs. It’s comfortable, durable, and stays put whether it’s packed to the brim or just holding a phone and a few snacks. It offers plenty of flexibility in hydration options from flasks to reservoirs and just like most Osprey packs, plenty of pockets to stash your snacks and extra gear. If you’re a fan of Osprey packs, this one will be no different.

Size: WXS/S, WM/L

Price: $110.00

Weight: 11 oz (no hydration bladder), 1 lb. (with empty hydration bladder)

Best used for: trail running that requires layers (medium-capacity pack)

View the men’s version. 

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