OOFOS Sandals Review

There’s no better place to test out a pair of OOFOS Sandals than the Outdoor Retailer Show (OR Show) in Salt Lake City. It almost doesn’t matter what shoes you put on for OR Show, you’re feet are tired of walking on cement by the end of the first day. When we got to the OOFOS booth, on day two, the OOFOS team had us try on OOFOS and we immediately saw the difference.

The bread and butter of these recovery sandals is the foam, which OOFOS has called “Oofoam”. It absorbs 37% more shock than other foam that’s typically used in footwear. As you can see in the video, there is plenty of it. The next thing that’s noticeable when wearing these sandals is that the stride feels very natural. Both of those things combined greatly reduces the strain on your feet and joints.

Both men’s and women’s sizing ran a little big. For high arches these work great, but it may feel like too much support for someone with flat arches. It’s worth trying them on before you buy them.

If you have problems with your feet, like plantar fasciitis, or just tired feet, these will be your new best friend. We used them as a recovery sandal after long runs and hikes, and just lounging around the house all summer—our feet have never been happier.

Price: $59.95

Weight: 5.8 oz

Best used for: tired feet recovery

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