Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Jacket and Monkey Women Pullover Review

The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Jacket quickly became a go-to for laying this fall and winter, but it shouldn’t be overlooked for an everyday piece of outerwear.

The first thing you’ll notice about this fleece is, undoubtedly, how comfortable it is. It has a fairly relaxed fit and is constructed from Polartec® High Loft™ fleece. If I had one piece of criticism of this jacket, I would say you shouldn’t rely on this as an outwear piece during windy conditions, because it’s surprisingly drafty. That same criticism, however, makes it a great option for laying during moderately aerobic activity, because it’s actually very breathable.

The Monkey Man Jacket also has panels of stretchy material around the neck, sides, cuffs, and the hem, which I really appreciated while hiking and skiing. The jacket also has two hand warmer pockets and a chest pocket, which has plenty of room for a smart phone or a map.

I’m 5’11” and 155 lbs, and I tested a medium. For layering, I would have liked it a tad smaller (although I think a small would have been too small), and it was a perfect fit for an outerwear jacket.

On the coldest chairlift rides this jacket has saved the day. It’s a great addition to the layering arsenal, or just lounging around the house. Whitney reviewed the Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman Pullover, check out her thoughts below.

Price: $160

Weight: 15 oz

Best used for: Hiking, camping, skiing, active lifestyle

Women’s Monkey Women Pullover

Similar to the Monkey Man, the Polartec® High Loft fabric, providing warmth while keeping it light and breathable. This pullover has a zippered chest pocket that just fits my iPhone 6 and two handwarmer pockets. The side panels are stretchy, and add additional breathability.

It quickly became my favorite cozy layer for cold days when all I want to do is stay inside, but instead I have to run errands or brave the elements to get outside. I found it perfect for cold inbounds ski days (buttoned up for neck warmth), camping, hikes, and climbs.

Much like the Monkey Man jacket, reviewed by Andrew, this jacket did not offer much wind protection, however it is more breathable than you’d expect a fleece like this to be.

I tested the medium and felt that the pullover fits true-to-size. At 5’7″ I didn’t mind the length, but would like it to be a tad longer. This particular jacket is a 3/4 button up. There are three other Monkey Women fleeces available from Mountain Hardwear—all full zip, one hooded, two without.

Price: $130

Weight: 11.2 oz

Best used for: hiking, camping, skiing, active lifestyle

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