Evolv Agro Review

Long story short, the break-in period was pretty rough, but the Evolv Agro is now my favorite pair of climbing shoes for hard sport climbing and bouldering. I turn to these shoes when the footholds disappear, when the climbing gets steep and tenuous, and when I need every bit of power I can get out a pair of climbing shoes.

The Agro is a pretty fitting name. At first glance you can tell that these shoes are Evolv’s ‘no holds barred’ attempt at the climbing shoe. With rubber everywhere, a slim profile, an aggressive downturn, and an asymmetric shape, I knew right away that these would be my “project shoes” that I break out when I need a little extra something.

A shoe is nothing without good rubber, and I’ve never been disappointed with the TRAX SAS high-friction rubber on the Evolv Agro. They performed well on even the most insecure footholds both indoors and outside. The midsole is thin, which gave me great sensitivity, but also features Evolv’s newly developed Tension Power System (TPS) which pulls the forefoot in three different places to maintain it’s downward shape. I’ve been climbing in these long enough that most shoes would start to lose some of their power, but these are maintaining their performance nicely.

The upper has Evolv’s Variable Thickness Rand which puts more rubber in high friction areas. The Agro also features a healthy amount of rubber over the top and back of the shoe for toe hooking and heel hooking. A single velcro closure pulls from two different spots and provides plenty of security.

Sizing is really important on these. I’m usually a size 10, and even when I sized up to 10.5 in these I could barely get my foot in them. As it turns out, that was ultimately perfect for me. I now have a powerful shoe that’s comfortable (enough), and has a really custom fit. You’ll want to try these on before you make the purchase!

Everyone’s feet are different, but Evolv fits my foot really well. If you’re trying to break into the next grade and need every bit of help from your climbing shoes, I would highly recommend trying on a pair. I wouldn’t hesitate to rank these amongst the best performing climbing shoes I’ve ever worn.

Price: $165

Best used for: aggressive climbing and bouldering

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