Costa Del Mar Copra Sunglasses Review

Six years ago, I tested Costa’s for my first ever gear review on Outdoor Gear TV and I still wear that exact same pair of glasses now. They’re a little scratched, but so is my ego when I watch my first gear review. Costa Del Mar sunglasses have always stood out to me, because they make durable, technical sunglasses and they haven’t forgotten us, ladies. I have a narrow face, so I picked the Copra because it fits my face well. If this isn’t your style, there are about 50+ other frame styles to choose from. All Costa’s are polarized, all of them technical, but some are more sporty and others more stylish.

I have worn the Copra’s for everything from trail runs, crack climbs, to fly fishing. I would suggest that if you’re primarily using these glasses for fishing you may want to consider a frame that wraps around your face a little more to really protect your eyes from the sun glaring off the water and a little more security that they’ll stay on when you’re landing that big fish.

I tested the copper silver polycarbonate lens which is a great all-around option. While, I do prefer glass for the clarity and scratch resistance, polycarbonate lens’ is lighter, cheaper and still provides a high-quality option. As Costa suggests, “choose glass for superior clarity and scratch resistance. Choose polycarbonate for a lightweight durable option.” We suggest reading Costa’s website to learn more about all of the lens colors before choosing yours.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Costa hand assembles their glasses in Daytona Beach, and they warrant their sunglasses against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. They will repair normal wear and tear for a charge.

We also love that Costa is giving back to the places we play—you can check out some of the causes they support here.

Price: $149 – $219 (price varies depending on lens type/color.)

Best used for: everyday use, sight fishing (varies depending on lens color)

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