Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics Review

Reviewed by Whitney and Andrew

Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics (Made is the USA)

What is Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics? Bottle Bright is an easy to use cleaner for those hard-to-clean drinking vessels that only takes about 15 minutes to work. No scrubbing and no dangerous materials. Drop one tablet into the container, filled with warm water, wait 5 minutes, shake container, wait 10 minutes and you’re done.

Why use Bottle Bright? It’s made with non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. Even the package is environmentally friendly. It cleans those hard-to-clean drinking vessels and coffee stains. Best of all, with every purchase of Bottle Bright, Clean Ethics gives the same amount as purchased, to people in developing nations who need clean water containers. (Find out more about Clean in Kind here.)

Does it work?: We were a bit skeptical. Andrew’s water bottles have been filled with coffee and left under seats in his car for months and his Nalgene left in his backpack for days. Even after a good soap and water scrub, they were stained and smelly. Bottle Bright surpassed our expectations and cleaned every challenge we threw at it.


Bottle Bright 10-pack $11.95, 25 Bottle Bright Singles- $29.95

Best used for: Any drinking vessel that’s hard-to-clean or even the one’s you’re just too lazy to scrub. We tried it on our Thermos, Nalgenes, dog bowls, hydration bladders and a flask and each had great results.

Purchase Bottle Bright here.


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