Outdoor Gear TV was founded in 2010. We’ve grown a lot since then, not just in what we do, but how we do it. One thing remains true, we are passionate about the outdoors, and our focus is providing honest and helpful advice to those looking to get outside. We’re a small team focused on providing quality reviews over quantity. Because of our are dedication to quality we place priority on reviewing products from brands that display corporate responsibility, positive social impact and/or thoughtful innovation.

What makes us unique? We’re more than just a media partner. We’re a partnership. We dedicate many hours into testing, filming and producing a review that is filmed in the same environment used to test the gear. We promise high quality reviews that won’t leave you questioning if/how the gear was tested. We work with brands we believe in and that believe in us. We offer our partners product feedback and marketing that goes beyond one gear review.


To our viewers:

All product reviews are tested by experienced outdoor enthusiasts that have spent many nights outdoors. If we don’t feel like we can test the product to our best ability we won’t test it. If we don’t believe in the brand or the product, we won’t test it. Our team works very hard to place professional product reviews in front of you. We receive product samples free of charge. In return we provide honest, and helpful feedback to the company, and you, our viewers. We receive no monetary compensation for our gear reviews and you will find no ads on our website. Occasionally we receive a small kickback through Youtube ads on our reviews. We’re a small team passionate about providing quality reviews and telling stories of brands doing it right.

To brands and companies:

OGTV focuses on putting quality, honest reviews in front of our audience. Many of our reviews are produced in video format, but some are in written format. It is at the discretion of Outdoor Gear TV to determine if the review is done in video or written format. All products are tested in the environment they were built for. We strive to produce quality reviews over quantity. Filming and producing video reviews takes longer than your average written review. Our typical lead time to properly test and review product is 5-12 weeks.

If the product review is overall negative, our team will first contact the company and share what we think needs to be changed or adjusted, before posting the review. All products in need of return should be arranged ahead of time. Products sent without prior arrangement will only be reviewed if the OGTV team feels it a good fit for our audience and fits our guidelines.

In return for testing your product, our team promises to provide you with a honest product review and engaging digital content, shared through our social media channels.

Want to work with us or learn more? Email Whitney: whitney(at)outdoorgeartv(dot)com